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GLR Llc. launches redesigned website.

Global Leadership Resources Llc. launched its newly redesigned website on October 3rd 2016. A distinguished corporate image along with fully functional, easily navigational and trilingual set of links, frames the inclusion of a new Global Blog. On a regular basis, blogs related to the various global activities of the Group will be available on site as well as on e- media.

Additionally and in line with its Corporate Governance and Social Developmental Practices, Global Leadership Resources Llc, in conjunction with its affiliate, has launched Cursos TuFuturo©, a series of modules for the Latin American market and geared toward providing low income and public school students access to higher level, University type subject matter education on subjects such as How to Build a Business Plan, How to Budget your Business, How to develop a Marketing Plan, How to set up a Sales Force, Time Management, etc. Based on the Target Audience and the Social Minded Component of the modules, pricing has been set at an incredible MN $250 Pesos per module. Attendance has surpassed expectations and more modules are planned.

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