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Global Leadership Resources Llc.® history is the story of one man with a vision and countless of wonderful others who learned it, shared it and...continue to do so.


GLR Llc. had its begginnings in 1997 as, a consulting firm in which our CEO, Fritz EIsele Thurau was partnered in. GLR Llc. blossoms one warm August 2008 day in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, when privy to financial information during the nasency of the 2008 financial crisis, Fritz Eisele Thurau, a then young economist and business executive with a now defunct appreciation for Amaretto and Cigars who had then just recently been advised that his services at his current employer would no longer be required, merged his by then solely owned firm, into a newly formed group he named "The Global Leadership Resources Network".

Having received the opportunity by his Vice-President to remain on board until the end of 2008 as well as being asked to head the efforts of establishing the now nonexistent Caribbean Association of Resort Developers, Mr. Eisele quickly learned the value of high level Networking, particularly Personal, Strategic and above all Discreet High Level Networking. So began the addition of important individuals from the Private and Government sectors to an already relevant and solid list of contacts Mr. Eisele had acquired over prior years. This list and the ever growing need of people everywhere wanting to meet others in order to do business created the first division in this newly formed group- a division dedicated to Business Development via Public Relations. Mr. Eisele quickly began to be sought after by new contacts because his reputation preceded him; he always, always, carefully decided who he would take on as a client and whom he would not. Finders Fees, Lobbying Fees, Brokerage Commissions were all welcome but only from those who shared Mr. Eisele's values of Passion, Integrity, Empathy, Excellence and Credibility but most of all, his passion for contributing to the improvement of society thru education, civic duty and the maximization of a persons' potential.


Referral business soon began to arrive and Mr. Eisele's passion for excellence generated the launch of a second division- a division dedicated to identifying and eradicating mediocre employees with poor attitudes. Mr. Eisele was and to this day continues to be a very tough and difficult client; tough and difficult, but fair. He believed that anyone with a job or a responsibility of any sort owed it to above all, his own creator, to not only do the best he or she could with whatever resources he or she had at hand but furthermore, to seek more resources in order to be able to do an even better job. IPG- Integral, Personal Growth he called it. Growth as a Person, growth as a Worker, growth as a responsible and civic minded Human being.


Having success in these areas due to selfless teamwork, quickly led to the launch of a third division- a division dedicated to the training and development of those employees, managers, directors and C-Level Suite Executives who did wish to put in the effort in order to maximize their potential and help them and their teams grow personally and professionally into leaders committed to Excellence. Mr. Eiseleand his team had found their Holly Grail; Helping others to become leaders in order to transcend and form even more leaders, people of good.


Today, after a very difficult and trying period in the years of 2012 and 2013 and now despite COVID-19, Global Leadership Resources Llc. once again flourishes and is present around the world thru its worldwide network dedicated to Transforming People, Teams and Companies into Leaders Committed to Excellence.

Is your Team, is your Company, are YOU...a Leader Committed to Excellence?

San Pedro, Garza Garcia.

A Quiet Suburb of the
Industrious City of
Monterrey, Mexico.

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