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Reception for her Excellency, Madame Margriet Leemhuis, Dutch Ambassador to Mexico.

German Honorary Consul and Global Leadership Resources Llc. President and CEO, the Hon. Fritz M. Eisele Thurau was graciously invited to the reception of Dutch Ambassador to Mexico, her Excellency, Madame Margriet Leemhuis.

CM/Heineken Mexico CEO Dolf van der Brink, and the Hon. Mr. Egbert Kuiper Broekhoven, Dutch Consul hosted a number of dignitaries including US Consul General, the Hon. Mr. Timothy Zúñiga-Brown, Slovakian Consul and President of the Consular Body, the Hon. Jorge Garcia Segovia, Swiss Consul, the Hon, Andres Engels and Lego Senior Vice President Cornelis Versluis amongst others.

For further information and detailed Press Release please contact Mariana Aguilar at ++521 811 687 6777 or

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