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Fritz M. Eisele at Global Encounter for Sustainable Actions.

Fritz M Eisele Thurau was honored to partake in the Inauguration Ceremony of the 2017 Global Encounter for Sustainable Actions / Encuentro Global para Acciones Sustentables held this last August 25th at the University of Monterrey.

Mayor Hector Castillo welcomed Mr. Eisele to the presidium Mr. Castillo officially inaugurated the event after a few words from Mr. Eisele and other distinguished guests.

Global Leadership Resources Llc. congratulates Mr. Castillo on a successful event.

The event was also made possible by the involvement of the DAAD, Deutscher Akademische Asutauschdienst.

For further information and detailed Press Release please contact Mariana Aguilar at ++521 811 687 6777 or

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