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A partir del 01 de Julio.

Aqui podra encontrar una lista de diversas actividades de clientes, socios estrategicos y amigos de

Global Leadership Resources llc.

las cuales llevamos acabo en conjunto, en pro de nuestras comunidades.

Para participar o mayor informacion:

Un servicio a la comunidad,

The US Govt’s Centre for Disease Control has made official the emerging scientific evidence on Coronavirus transmission:


1. Very low risk of transmission from surfaces. 

2. Very low risk from outdoor activities. 

3. Very high risk from gatherings in enclosed spaces like offices, religious places, cinema halls or theatres. 


These findings that have been emerging for a while need to be applied by people to manage the situation in the best manner possible. 

Time to reduce panic about surface transmission, and time to not be too eager to go back to office.


To successfully infect you, the virus needs a dose of: ~1000 viral particles (vp)


The typical environmental spread of activities:

1. Breath: ~20 vp/min
2. Speaking: ~200 vp/min
3. Cough: ~200 million vp (enough of these may remain in air for hours in a poorly ventilated environment)
4. Sneeze: ~200 million vp


Successful infection = Exposure to Virus * Time


Being in vicinity of someone (with 6 ft distancing): Low risk if limit to less than 45 minutes

Talking to someone face to face (with mask): Low risk if limit to less than 4 minutes

Someone passing you walking/jogging/cycling: Low risk

Well-ventilated spaces, with distancing: Low risk (limit duration)

Grocery shopping: Medium risk (can reduce to low by limiting time and following hygiene)

Indoor spaces: High risk

Public Bathrooms/Common areas: High fomite/surface transfer risk

Restaurants: High risk (can reduce to Medium risk by sitting outdoors with distancing and surface touch awareness)

Workplaces/Schools (even with social distancing): Very high risk, including high fomite transfer risk

Parties/Weddings: Very high risk

Business networking/conferences: Very high risk

Arenas/Concerts/Cinemas: Very high risk


The bottom line factors you can use to calculate your risk are: 

- indoors vs outdoors
- narrow spaces vs large, ventilated spaces 
- high people density vs low density
- longer exposure vs brief exposure
The risks will be higher for former scenarios.

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