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Fritz M. Eisele Thurau.

Hon. Konsul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Director of the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Managing Partner at Global Leadership Resources Llc.


Fritz M. Eisele Thurau has been successful at leveraging a solid blend of Public Relations and Business Development skills in order to efficiently and effectively contribute to bottom line increases. His international experience and relentless pursuit to promote excellence in the workplace have made him a sought after advisor to companies seeking not only to improve, but to drive their current standing.


A graduate of Economics at The University of Texas at Austin, his list of professional accomplishments include designing and executing the market entry strategy for Mercedes-Benz in Mexico, developing Public Relations and Commercial strategies for the clients of Martinez & Mahlke Ltda. in Brazil, Mexico and Panama as well as establishing the Latin American New Markets and Caribbean financial services headquarters for BMW and increasing Caribbean and Latin America market share figures for Wyndham Worldwide.

His present day activities include leading the activities of the Hon. Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany, Representing the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry CAMEXA and as Managing Partner, further developing Global Leadership Resources Network Llc., whose members in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, The Caribbean, UK, Germany, Switzerland, UAE, India, Japan, Singapore are dedicated to Transforming People and Teams into Leaders Committed to Excellence.


Mr. Eisele currently lives in San Pedro, a quiet suburb of the industrious city of Monterrey, Mexico.

Liderazgo, Excelencia y Probidad

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